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Interferences 4.7, mixed-media, 200 x 100 cm, 2021, unique work

The term interferences describes the new work of photo artist Georg Kuettinger.

Within this work, Kuettinger continues his deliberation on the topic of perception – what observers can actually perceive and the realm of opportunities this creates for them. What role does interference play for this act of perception? What does it refer to?

In the realm of physics, an interference is defined as an addition of two or more electromagnetic waves that pass through each other. A wave possesses an amplitude, an oscillation of either positive or negative value. This effect is apparent in all types of waves, including light waves.

Superimposition, permeation and oscillation are recurrent themes in Kuettinger’s works. They relate to the space between the image and the observer – in a very literal manner. The artist’s earlier works had already dealt with processes of perception by focusing on different points of view and points in time. The new works include space – the space that is located between the observer and the actual image. This space serves as a medium that itself becomes part of the image.

The new works consist of a photographic composition and multiple transparent panels comprised of casting resin with manually embossed imprints. The photographic image and the superimposed imprints results in the creation of a new spatial context.